Tuesday, May 30, 2006

i'm back....tack 3

First of all I want to thank my handful of readers who let me know they were there in a less than cheery time for me. It really meant so much to me! So, thanks! *blush, blush*

Now, back to business. I don't think I've mentioned it before but I'm participa
ting in back tack III. My partner is Whitney from whittycism, I created for her and she'll be creating for me. As you all know there were some strict guidelines to follow and I did. The only thing I didn't feel like doing was any of the patterns they suggested, so I did my own. It's a mixed media type of softie, I used an iron on transfer for the image and the embroidered it and sewed it together by hand, of course, because I still don't know how to use a sewing machine. I'm pretty sure my back tack partner doesn't check up on my blog but just in case, WHITNEY PLEASE LOOK AWAY NOW!!!!

Here's the front of my softie. Is pushi-pushi reworked with a body instead of just a floating head. I tried to make her look like a Fruit which I hope comes across with a limited color palette. The thread I used for the embroidery looked very beautiful on the spool because it was so shiny and thick but it was a beast to work with! It's made of rayon, and could only use very short pieces at a time because it would start to deteriorate and fuzz... obviously is not intended for the use I gave it but I think it looks o.k. It is my very first softie. I made a gazillion mock ups and trial versions and it's still full of imperfections but I'm o.k. with it. I really hope Whitney likes her.

Here's the back.

Here's what will go in the package with her. I don't know much about pushi-pushi, except that she is Japanese, I'm pretty sure she is Tino's PR person on account of Tino being famous in Japan. Other than that all I know is that she's a fashion maven and a picky eater, that's why she's brought her food along.

These are the photos I submitted for the back tack lineup and they've been killing me because they are absolutely horrible! They have this blue cast all over because I took them outside...grrrr... but they've been sent, so I have to let go, right? ...just breath and let go.

So glad you are back among us bloggers! The doll is so cute!!
your back tack softie is just superb. I came to your site via Didine, and I will be back!
Yes I agree, great softie. Very very cool.

PS. came here via whizzme
Very cute!!
very cool! I love printed dolls. and congrats on being in the final 5!
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