Thursday, January 26, 2006

my very first post

I made these for my lys owner's newborn. I'm pretty happy with the way the came out. I had big plans of screen printing a whole series of them with a cool tutorial I found here, but I kept on buying the wrong kind of ink so I settled for the good old ink jet heat transfer thing. I hope she likes them. I made the picture of the little baby knitting myself so excuse my 5-year-old drawing skills.

So this is my very first post and I'm kind of nervous. My friend N (Noodle, see? I mentioned you in my very first post) told me that if I was about to write my first post I better made sure that I have something for a second one...oh, the pressure. But I'm happy to say that I do have a couple of ideas in store for future postings. So, stick around...

These are lovely, I love your style, and welcome to blogworld !
Your site is looking great : )
Screen printing ? With a gocco ? Or do you used a special paper to transfer the pattern on the fabric ?? Hugs
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