Monday, October 23, 2006

first day

I've been in Guatemala for 7 weeks and 4 days. I've had dreams of posting the 'perfect picture' along with the 'perfect entry', something that would present in a capsule how different my life is now. But the 'perfect picture' hasn't come yet and to explain in one entry how different things are here is a bit unrealistic.

I've had my ups and downs since we got here. Some things have been easy to adjust to, others (a lot of them) not so easy. A few unexpected things that happen a little after we got here have made things a bit harder but not unbearable. But now I feel ready to resume some of my regular activities, not in small part due to the fact that today is Tino's first day in school!!!!! Nope, not daycare. A formal SCHOOL! Five days a week, for four hours a day. Kids start going to school here really young, as early as 1 year old (as long as they are walking). We decided that it was time for Tino to go mostly because Tino and I have been so booored at home. There aren't many places to go here, I mean, no parks or places like the Y. And unless you live in a fancy condo that has a nice play area for kids (luckily we have some relatives that do and often take Tino there) or you live in a house with a huge yard, you're pretty much housebound and it sucks! Also the house where we live now (Alex's parents' house) is three stories high, so watching Tino means really 'watching' him, the computer and any other activity that I could do (knitting, or any other craft) are far away from the places where Tino can hang out, so It's been exhausting for me too. On one hand I'm happy because it'll be good for him to socialize and have fun, and it'll be good for me to have time to do stuff and recover a bit of normalcy in my life, on the other hand my stomach is in a knot right now because I know it's a big change to his routine and I feel a bit selfish to send him off so I can have all this time for myself. But I know he'll have more fun there than hanging out here with me all day.

I haven't done much else other than being with Tino and sometimes mope around, and some other times (with a bit more energy) trying to adjust as best as I can. I have done very little to none crafting. I've started some knitting, a sock here, the beginnings of a sweater there, a failed attempt to knit a softie because I didn't have the right needles and I have yet to find a nice yarn/craft store (I haven't really looked, there's gotta be something). But I'm feeling better these days, so hopefully I will actually have interesting things to tell. Yes, this makes me feel a bit more like myself.

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