Tuesday, June 20, 2006

my stinky b-3 package

This post is way long overdue. I received my bt-3 package almost 10 days ago and I've been sitting on the pics to share with you. First of all let me tell you how beautiful my package from Whitney was and I mean the package itself! When I opened the box it was full of little yellow bundles tied up with red grosgrain ribbon... it was so beautifully packed that I had to wait for the proper daylight to open it so I could photographed it in all its wrapped glory.

I was amazed by Whitney's generosity but most of all by her craftsmanship. She sent me all kinds of handmade goodies that were so perfectly made!

Without further ado let me introduce you to the star of the swap Ms. Penelope Skunk (thus the title of the post... although for being a skunk Penny is pretty odorless). I was so overwhelmed by the cuteness that is Ms. Penny! Please check the bag that she carries...with a beetle inside that I imagine she gathered in some of her nature walks.

But it doesn't stop there, Ms. Penny didn't make the trip by herself, she had her trusty companion Molly, whom I think is needle felted and has a very snazzy outfit with an M on it. She can be seen in this image posing with another goody
this super cool pyramid shaped baggie filled with super cool buttons! (buttons not shown in image but take my word for it they are very colorful and cool!).

More? yes, of course! Look at this super cute coin purse made with munki munki corduroy and inside I found some awesome wide red and purple grosgrain ribbon. Does she have my number or what?

And the piece de resistance... I know this piece should not steal the limelight away from Penny and Molly but what are you going to do? I'm a bag addict! Look at this gorgeous handmade bag!!!!!!! Reversible, yes, so really, it's like she made two bags for me. Please notice the button details on the bottom corners of the bag.

Thank you, thank you, thank you soooo much Whitney! I am in awe of your creative talent and craftsmanship!

Friday, June 09, 2006


I'm not a sports fan really but I can't help get excited about the World Cup. Times like these are when I miss not being in Guatemala (although I know I'll be there really soon). You can't understand the excitement and the vibrancy you feel in the air around this time. People start adjusting their sleeping schedules and their work schedules to make sure they won't miss a beat of any of the games. School age children and teenagers try to sneak in radios with tiny headpieces to listen to the games during class. There are parties every night, people rejoice and also cry, friendships become endanger when favorite teams play opposite one another. One of the local newspapers offers this service for drivers, in busy city intersections during the red light there are two guys that will stand in the middle of the street holding a huge banner (one on each side) with the most current scores of the games going underway, and let me tell you, drivers depend on this information as if they were trading stock and these were nasdaq figures! And the albums! The frenzy of buying the empty book and driving your parents crazy to buy you the little pictures to fill it up and then trading with your friends the repeats and then scavenge like a mad person for the ones that are so hard to get. So, yes, I'm quite nostalgic about that today. You hardly hear anything about the world cup here... except for that ESPN commercial narrated by Bono,
that puts a knot in my throat every time I see it, on how the Ivory Coast made it to the world cup and how a country united cheers louder than a country divided. Actually I think all those commercials really capture the spirit, you can go here to take a look (if you are interested). In conclusion, this two weeks would be a constant party if I were living somewhere else so I think Alex, Tino and I should make our own little Fifa two week event. Any ideas?

In the mean time, those images are of crafty looking soccer balls (or fut...like we call it in Guat... or fubol, if you are from Argentina =P), Alex found them here. Pretty cool, no?

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