Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Yesterday my (biological) mom, my sister and I took Tino to the Y for a swim and he encountered his first crush... o.k., not really 'cause his only (almost) 2 but it was sooo cute. This is how it went down, picture me holding Tino in the pool and this little girl (LG) approaches us:

LG: He is cute, what's his name?

me: Tino

LG: Can his name be Eric for today?

me: o.k. What's your name?

LG: It changes. Sometimes is Tori, some other days is Ellie but today is Four

me: oh, hi Four!

LG: Can I hold him?

me: sure, if he'll let you

[Tino: all smiles while being held by LG in the water]

LG: Can I carry him on my back?

me: sure, if he'll hold on to your shoulders

[Tino: holding on to LG's shoulders]

LG: please get him off me he is sinking me!

[me: going back to hold Tino]

LG: How old is he?

me: almost two

LG: how many is that?

me: [showed her two fingers] how old are you?

LG: [shows me four fingers] how much longer until he is [she shows me the four fingers again]?

[showed her two fingers, again]

LG: can I give him a kiss?

me: sure

LG: [gives Tino a kiss]

Tino: [a little bit weirded out] bye baby, bye baby, bye baby

LG: but I'm not going anywhere

me: I know but I think he is ready to leave

LG: can I teach him how to swim underwater next time?

me: sure, next time

LG: bye Eric

Tino: bye baby

OOOOh my god ! How is it possible ? He's so young ! But you knwo when I see Louis (who's two) kissing the little girl (who's 3 and half) of our neighbours, he's so proud !! I can't imagine him ten or twenty years later !! They're growing too fast, don't you think ?!! They're our little baby !!!!! Big smooches to you !
He is such a ladie's man. You are going to have to watch that one.
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