Wednesday, February 01, 2006

i am sew doing it

As I started this blog to keep tabs on my crafting endeavors I decided to present myself with a monthly challenge. I have big plans in my head: wonderful softies, whimsical embroidery, delightful quilts, and then comes the reality check, ehem...I really don't know how to sew. I vaguely remember some basic stitches you learn in elementary school, you remember? those stitch samplers that everybody had to make...mine always looked a bit wonky. So the time has come, the time is now (too much Markin K. Mooney latelty) I must and I will learn how to sew! So I propose that before this month is over I shall present you with a little embroidery sample. A simple one, very basic and very pretty. So please come back and check on my progress, ok?

In other news:
teething Tino + one nap a day = grumpy mama
looking forward to: tonight's Project Runway! GO DANIEL!

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