Friday, April 28, 2006

don't be jealous

First of all let me tell you that my stomach is in a knot right now because tomorrow Alex will be running his very first marathon. I am so excited and proud and nervous. Everybody knows that running a marathon is a physical feat but I didn't know how huge it was until Alex started training for it. It is such and incredible effort and so taxing not only physically but mentally and emotionally. I can honestly tell you it's been a team effort. On my part, I had to sacrifice time for myself and my silly craft projects; Tino had to sacrifice being able to spend time with his dad and having to spend more time with a, very often, cranky mom; and Alex, obviously, had the biggest sacrifice of all, physically from work straight to running on most days, no weekends because he would do his long run then and he would be too exhausted to do anything else and some days only being able to see Tino 5 or 10 minutes the whole day. And I am so proud of him for sticking with it all the way. See, here's the thing, we are not athletic at all, we've never been. But when Tino was born we both made a commitment to get healthier for ourselves and for Tino, because, among other reasons, we just don't want him to grow up with all the activity and food hang ups that we grew up with. And I think we are getting there and that why this is soooo huge for us. If a year ago somebody would've told us that he'd have the physical strength to do this we would've laugh incredulously, but here he is and he is so doing it. And I couldn't be more proud! Please send him all the good vibes and positive energy that you can tomorrow, ok? He'll need all he can get.

OK, I hope I didn't bore you. On to crafty swapy things. Look at this bounty that I received from my super sweet friend Didine. I sent her some pieces of fabric that she wanted some time ago and this is what she sent in return. Everything is so lovely! And no, that wasn't me who ripped the box so savagely like that. That's how it arrived at my doorstep; clearly it made it here by way of some war ridden country, fortunately everything inside was intact. That rat was part of the goodies she sent me, except it wasn't for me, it was for Tino. He loves it! I think he thinks is some type of vehicle because he plays with it in the same way he does his little cars and trains... you know? making it walk on surfaces.

Look at this lovely fabric and pin cushion...perfect!

And one of Didine's tissue boxes and a fun bead necklace. She's so talented!

And an awesome cool pencil bag and note pad.

Thank you so much Didine! I love, love, love all my goodies.

I still have to tell you about Chicago but this is post is getting
too long. I just wanted to show you this picture of a skirt I saw at H&M in Chicago. So cute! Very Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
The apron is attached to the skirt. (I felt all self conscious taking the picture at the I was stealing some kind of industrial secret). More about Chicago over the weekend.

I can't believe my eyes ! OH my god ! It's incredible ! I'm haapy everything arrived in perfect condition !!! You made me laugh with the way Tino plays with his rat LOL ! Big smooches (and thanks again for your words !)
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