Thursday, March 23, 2006

slacking? who? me? never!

I know, I have been slacking a bit on the blogging and the crafting but I have a lot in my mind these days. That's why the two projects that I'm working on are so perfect because the repetitiveness of them are very soothing to my brain.

First, I'm working on my very first quilt. I know is not extremely creative to use all fabrics from the same collection in the same quilt but hey, I had the charm pack, already cut in squares and it was less than $15. so I think it is a very economical and practical thing to use for a first time quilt. I'm hand piecing and hand quilting because I haven't tamed the beast that is my sewing machine and because that way I can work on it while Tino sleeps.

I've been also working on socks, they started to be socks for Tino but they seemed too big. Then I decided that they were going to be socks for the Dulaan Project but I don't think they are warm enough, so now they are back to being socks for Tino, although he won't be able to wear them until he's 4 because they are too big. I am so torn about knitting for the Dulaan Project. I know if I make thrummed socks they'll be warm but I had some thrummed socks once and if you have a lot of walking to do they are sort of hard on your feet, I don't want these kids to have chafed feet. I'm also torn because Alex mentioned that maybe it would be more efficient to buy them jackets and winter stuff that we could probably find on sale this time of the year. I really want them to get as much stuff as possible to keep warm. But I really want to knit for them and, besides, handmade things have magical powers, remember? So they will keep them warmer, right? right? so it's o.k. if I only get to send them half a dozen items or so, right?

I'm so impatient to start one quilt too !! Your fabrics are too cute ! I love the colors you choose !! But for the socks I'm sure I won't make some in my life !! It's tooooooo hard !! Big big hugs to you ! PS Your package is going to take the flight :)
I love your fabric for the quilt. Quilts are my number one favorite piece of bedding. Hope to see you this week. I printed out info on the Dulaan Project. i hope to send some things to them. Colleen
ooo, I love the stripes and the horse shoes!
Um, hello? The color combination of your knitted sockies are beautiful, I love blue and red together :)
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