Saturday, April 01, 2006

to new beginnings

My little sister got engaged last night!!! AND, a-n-d she got a kick ass new job this past week!!!! I'm soooo happy and excited for her! She called us last night and I feel like a heel for not picking up the phone right away, Alex and I were watching a movie and it only had like 10 minutes left. But I called her right back and she gave me the news. Apparently she had been bugging everybody that she wanted and iPod nano, so Jason (the boyfriend now turned fiancé) had a little romantic evening picnic thing prepared in a park in downtown San Antonio and she thought it was to celebrate her new job. Jason gave her a nicely wrapped present and it was the iPod nano, then he told her that he got it engraved and when she turned the iPod to see, the inscription read "will you marry me?" ...How cool is that? how techno-romantic! he then (I guess) went down on one knee and gave her the whole spill and the ring. I'm sooooo happy for her!

*the picture is totally unrelated to the post but I really don't like posts without pictures. The image does mark a rare occasion when the whole set of Tino's blocks are accounted for. =P

COngratulations for your sister ! How is it possible to find a romantic guy on this planet ?!!!! LOL ! I understand you so well ! Toys are like being exploded everywhere in my home :) !! Big hugs to you !
I forgot : my husband is really gentle but sometimes girls would like them with a little bit "romantisme" in their behaviour :)
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