Sunday, April 02, 2006

my urban baby

I had a wonderful start to my day this morning. My own urban baby and I went out for breakfast so Alex could sleep in with no noise. We went to this cozy cool bakery in our neighborhood called Breadworks. We skimmed through the New York Times while having coffee and a scone (me) and latte (just the latte part, no coffee) and a chocolate croissant (Tino). I had a great time talking to Tino and staring at him and he had a great time staring at strangers.

In the afternoon I met Liz and Holly for some knitting... fabulous! But when I came back home Alex had cut Tino's hair...booo hoooo, my baby looks like a boy now. He'll be 19 months old tomorrow but he looks so much older without his messy curls. I want his hair to grow back NOW!

The pictures of this post are from a book I got from the library called Urban Babies Wear Black. It doesn't really have a story, more of a list of things that urban babies do... like, you know? go to galleries and drink latte. But I love the illustrations! They are by Nathalie Dion. I love the styling and the colors she uses. Look at that awesome (expressionist?) painting the little girl with the red bandana is looking at! Too cute!

When I cut Louis' hair he looks like so older too ! But more "rogue" (I don't know the right word in english !) He's like a little boy who's going to make something he can't do !!! I love these illustrations too ! The name is so frenshy :) !! Do you get your parcel ?? Hugs
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