Thursday, April 06, 2006

five years ago today...

I was still in grad school in Chicago, Alex was a professor at a university in Guatemala and had come to visit me for spring break. This particular day I was kind of cranky because Alex made me go to the Lincoln Park Zoo under the pretense that he absolutely had to conduct an experiment which he had to document and then send the images to the university asap. It was rainy and gray and I was cursing on the inside because I was wearing sandals and my feet were getting wet walking through the damp grass. I didn't understand why the hell he couldn't do this some other day when it was sunny. We had lunch reservations at this nice restaurant downtown called Spiaggia and for some reason we HAD to do this before lunch... I wasn't happy.

The "experiment" was to throw an egg inside this contraption (which I couldn't photograph because of the bad lighting today but I promise I will someday) and make sure the egg didn't break. I had to 'perform' the experiment because he had to document it (he couldn't be the subject because he was the professor). So we walked around the zoo looking for a suitable bridge from which I could drop this thing (again, a lot of walking in a grey day...not happy). We finally found a spot, I dropped the object, then had to open the thing to make sure the "egg" had survived and when I opened it there was no egg, I was soooo mad! I thought Alex had forgotten to place the egg inside and that we were going to have to go back and do it all over again. Instead I saw a little capsule, like the kind you would find inside a Kinder chocolate egg... I thought it was a joke and was about to start yelling at Alex, he was laughing and told me to open it and there... five years later you too can witness my reaction when I opened the little capsule and saw my engagement ring. I don't know what I thought when I saw the ring, to be honest with you I hardly remember what Alex said afterwards, I just remember feeling so happy and excited that everything felt like a dream... almost like I was floating and looking down at everything that was happening. It was so surreal and funny and great and unexpected! This was trully one of the happiest moments of my life.

And I remember seeing you at Spiaggia afterward where I happened to be lunching with Lingy and Anders. It's hard to imagine that either of us has ever been to Spiaggia, much less on the same day, and even less on such a special day. Crazy!
That is such a romantic story and something to remember when you are old and sitting in rocking chairs. Colleen
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