Friday, February 17, 2006

japanese goodness and stunned by kindness

Here's the picture I promised of our little valentine's presents that Alex got for us. The two boxes are pretzels type of thingies, but how cute is the packaging?, those are for Tino. And the little notebook is mine... I was tempted to post pics of the pages because they are so adorable but I restrained muself, however if you do want to see them you can go to my flickr account [where I will post them as soon as it lets me log in...I'm not liking flickr too much right now].

On another subject, yesterday Tino and I went to the library, we always walk there (I walk, Tino rides in his stroller) because Alex takes the car to work. Anyway, it looked like it was going to rain so I had two raincoats, one to cover Tino, and one for me. When we left the library it started raining super hard, so hard that I didn't think the one raincoat was enough to protect Tino so I used mine to give him some extra coverage. So I was getting rained on, big time. After a couple of blocks this nice man stops his car, gets out and hands me an umbrella! How nice was that? I was so touched and I can't get over the fact that someone did that for another human being in this day and age. Thank you, thank you, thank you kind anonymous man!!!! You have some good karma coming your way.

Hello Mery !! Your story is too funny ! This man is so a gentleman !!! I hope you won't be ill after this big rain !! Big big hugs to you !!!
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