Tuesday, February 07, 2006

self-portrait tuesday

Was this supposed to be easy? There it is: all of me. Those numbers have been a constant issue in my life. For a big part of it they have determined how I felt, what I did and how I related to others... to be honest they still do, although in a slightly lesser degree. I'm hoping this will be liberating. Right now is just scary.

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i was not too brave today...but i hope to get there as we keep doing these. thank you for this image of liberating myself from my negative self-image through this SPT theme.
You have such cute toes!
i agree with you, this spt is scary and liberating.......in the end i think it will help us love all the parts about us and just think how wonderful that will be!
The similarity is weird, I saw your SPT just after I posted mine (a day late). I guess this is confirmation that I am not so unique and it's nice to find others with similar thoughts.

Take care.
I think I couldn't have same courage as yours to jump on my bathroom scales !!! Just because I know it already. I'm too fat ;o( !!!!!!
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