Tuesday, February 14, 2006

my own little cupid

Happy Valentine's day everybody! You are not going to believe this but this is my first time celebrating valentine's in many, many, many years. When Alex and I were dating we were never together for it, I was usually away in college and he was back home in Guatemala. Then the very first time that we were physically together we didn't really get into it, so it's been kind of a non-event for us. That is, until Tino. For some reason he makes us want to celebrate every holiday to the max. I made Alex his favorite cake (cream cheese pound cake) and I had big plans of making Tino Wee Wonderful's little kitty...yeah...but, remember? I don't know how to sew? I tried to sew it by hand but the seams were too weak. I shall persevere and once I get the hang of the sewing machine I'll give it a go again. Alex gave Tino and I some super cute things (almost as cute as this here) that I'll have to wait to show you tomorrow because of the lack of natural light to photograph. A great valentine's day was had by the whole family!

*feliz dia del cariño, sort of means happy valentine's day in spanish...except cariño means something like love but is more like caring. I looked it up in the dictionary and one of the translations is affection. I don't think it translates well. Anyway, Feliz Dia del Cariño!

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