Friday, March 10, 2006

excuses, excuses, excuses

Tino got a bit sick a week ago (he's fine now). Then Alex got really sick a couple of days later and I was freaking out... yes, he felt that ill, but he's fine now. Then Alex and I finally admitted to ourselves and to our families the fact that in a few months we will be moving back home to Guatemala. Then I got a little bit sick myself, but I'm fine now. All I'm saying is that all this sickness and life-altering decisions can affect a girls will to craft.

At least somebody is doing something around the house. The picture is one of Tino's new lego structures. I'm completely in love with them and can't stop photographing them. He used to only like the single peg blocks and use to stack them up really high, but now he's using all the blocks and creating this very interesting shapes. You probably think I'm crazy... but I think is very cool! The puppy in the background is Tino's bff, El Aquel (l-ah-kel), his laying on the ground like that pretty much sums up how I've been feeling for the past week.

I promise some crafty goodness to come soon.

Mery, I didn't know you would be leaving. I will miss your smiling face and sweet spirit. I hope it isn't for awhile. colleen

Will you be continuing your blog when you move back to Guatemala? I hope so.
I just started getting to know your blog!

Keep on crafting sista!
Boohoo... My new friend is leaving town? How sad for us! I hope you will still be here for a little while longer! We will miss you a ton!
De veras se regresan a Guate, Mery?!? No te creo!!!Que ondas? Te escribo cuando te vea en el chat.
We missed you last week and will miss you a lot more when you move back to Guatemala! And btw, I would love to be your spinning buddy! :^)
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