Monday, February 27, 2006

pity party, pity party & yarn, yarn, beautiful yarn

I'm a little bit depressed on the crafty front today. This weekend I was in a bitter battle against the sewing machine and so far, the sewing machine is winning. I wanted to make a little apron for Tino for this month's theme of Tie One On. I had my little design and everything, cut the pieces but the sewing did not go smoothly. Other than the fact that I don't know what I'm doing and I had crooked seams and some pieces were to be glued, the tension was all messed up. I read the manual, read the books, did everything they said to do: re-thread the machine, change needle, check the bobbin, change the tension of the upper thread... you get the picture... and nothing, the stitches still look wonky on one side. Tonight (if Tino permits) I will try to mess with the bobbin tension... I'm just sad because I won't be able to make the apron on time for the Tie One On deadline AND because it is really difficult for me to spend a lot of time working on something and not having it turn out the way I wanted it, I feel like I wasted some precious time. Alex always points out that I didn't waste time, I was learning, but it's still hard because I rarely get bit chunks of time to dispose of. Which makes me question whethe
r I'm really up for this (my project for sew? I knit)

I'll still make Tino's apron... someday. OK, enough of my little pity party. Now, on with the plans for the week.

The beautiful yarn on the picture, I ordered from handpainted yarns, the color's name is Pagoda, isn't it lovely? I love ordering from that place, their customer service rep, Mariana, is soooooo nice, it is truly a pleasure to deal with them. I highly recomend this place, beautiful yarn, great service, what more could you ask for? So I'm planning two experiments and one project with this yarn. I'm not going to tell you about the experiments, I will show you (I promise I will, even if they fail). And I'm going to knit myself something similar to this. I made one for my sister in law last Christmas and it looked so cool and warm, I don't have a picture but you'll have to trust me that it was cute, plus it knits in no time, so I should have a couple of things to show you before the end of the week.

Mery, I love the handpainted yarn. As far as I know I will be there tonight, but if I am not, it is because I am not feeling good. I am trying to stay well. colleen
Mery, I just went to the handpainted yarn website and i love their yarns. They are gorgeous. I want to order some of the bulky wool - beautiful colors. Colleen
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