Friday, March 03, 2006

experiment No.1

Here are the results of my first experiment whi
ch I personally think was a success. I am strictly talking about the experiment, all design details will have to be work further in future attempts. I was trying to create some kind of weave with only a strand of yarn and without having to knit it. I got the idea from a beautiful Japanese scarf that I saw in New York last year at the MoMa Design Store (I looked online but they didn't have a picture of the one I saw). I laid one strand of yarn on the bubble wrap and I made like a very rough interlocking weave type of thing and then, you know? warm water and rolled the bejesus out of the thing of bubble wrap, two hours later of rolling and a few hours of drying I have this: For being such an open weave, it is quite warm. This was just a test so it is very short, it could be worn more like a neck warmer or a funky necklace. You like?

I *love* your neckwarmer! That is so flippin' cool! *pulls herself away from monitor to hunt for bubble wrap*
Hey Mery! Sure you can be a test-knitter for my XL sock pattern. I finished the first sock today and I'm attempting to write the pattern right now!
Mery - This neckwarmer is awesome! But - I think it looks more like a necklace. I love the design! I bet you could sell these at all the trendy little shops in town .... might look cool with some funky beeds on it too.
Tell Alex to make you something like this:


If the link is too long:
Mery, I love your neckwarmer. I agree with Betsy, it looks like a really nice necklace. I love your blogspot. something new all the time. i am impressed. colleen
Wow. I love this.
It will go perfectly with our Easter dresses!
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