Monday, May 01, 2006

done, donner and my heroe

Life is back to normal. Craftiness shall resume. Can you believe that now that I finally have time to myself, I don't have any materials?! I ordered some yarn for a couple of projects and some fabric to finish a project. If you feel like you are experiencing dejavĂș when you see the pictures is because I showed you these projects before when they were half way done. These are Tino's socks, which I thought were going to be big but it turns out they fit him just right but what's the use because they are wool and is too warm to wear them. But I'm hoping they'll stretch for when he finally needs them. I can cross this project off my list.

Here's the other project that I showed you before but this one is just half done. I finished sewing the quilt top.

Here's a picture of the embroidery I did on the center block.

I'm waiting for the backing so I can start quilting. Wish me luck. Remember, it's my first time.

And then I couldn't leave without showing you a picture of my hero right after he crossed the finish line of the marathon last saturday.
The whole thing was so emotional! There were runners at the finish line who completed the marathon first and as exhausted as they were they would go back and grab by the hand those who looked like they couldn't take another step and help them to the finish line. Tino and I were waiting for Alex before the finish line, Alex picked up Tino, ran the last stretch and crossed the finish line with Tino in his arms. It was an incredible experience!

You truly must me so proud. A And those socks! I just love them. If I made them...summer or not someone would be wearing them...they're too cute to resist!
The socks are awesome! Congratulate Alex on the Marathon! Hopefully now we'll see you on Wednesday now and again. :^)
you have been busy miss!
Love the socks (still loving the blue and red!)
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