Saturday, March 11, 2006


I'm done with this project. This is River, from the Rowan magazine # 38. Is not for me, is for my sister in law. I started knitting it at the end of last summer but I wasn't feeling it, for some reason I could not find a rhythm to the pattern. Then, the brilliant Liz from my wednesday knitting circle suggested that we did our own little knitting olympics, with different time constraints to fit our needs and so i chose this project. I did not get it done for the olympic due date, and I could've done it except I got distracted by trying to sew the 'it'll never happen' apron that never happened (from a couple of posts ago). But I'm done, I'm done, I'm done! I think is pretty. The kid silk haze is a pain! not to knit with but if you need to rip it...well, good luck! I'm not so sure about the beaded knot, beads are not really my thing. Plus, I don't think I sewed it properly because it has a piece of elastic inside but the knot itself is not stretchy...but with the kid silk haze, trying to rip it and re-sew the thing was never an option. It'll be on its way to Texas next week, and I really hope my SIL likes it.

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