Sunday, March 12, 2006

official project #1: done!

I joined angry chicken's super official mailorder club and the apple crisp was one of the projects for this edition. You not only had to make it but also eat it, which I'm still working on. It is sooooo deeelicious!!!! With a little bit of whipped cream and a strong cup of guatemalan coffee... yummy, yummy (coincidentally this is Tino's new word. Cute, no?). I have yet to earn my batch for this month because I still have another project to complete. It'll come soon.

I wanted to thank everybody for their comments and e-mails about me leaving. I will miss this country and all my friends so much! We won't be moving for another 5 or 6 months, so I'll still be here for a while. And of course, even in Guatemala I shall keep on blogging and crafting. Oh yeah!

As my english is sometimes playing with my nerves I can't understand what is this new game "mailorder" !! I'm happy to know that you'll be still on Internet even if you return to your country ! Hugs ! XoXo
The applecrisp looks soooo good. I am also happy to know that you will still have a blogspot so i will know what is happening with you. Colleen
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