Monday, April 17, 2006

hello? is anybody still there?

Bad blogger, bad blogger! 11 days without a post...tsk, tsk, tsk. I don't have any excuses but I can give you a recount of my activities while I've been gone. First, I was working on translating my resume because, yes, my days as a lady of leisure are counted. When I go back to Guatemala I'll definitely have to work so I'm trying to get a move on that. And believe it or not my spanish is kind of rusty... not the vernacular (Alex, Tino and I speak strictly in spanish amongst ourselves) but the professional-technical-sophisticated one. So I had to sent it to a friend to proof read it...and well, you know how it is, those things take time.

Then, I had to do our taxes. I honestly think that filling out tax forms is on the top 3 of my most stressful activities, I can feel the veins on the side of my neck
tensing up. But they are done and they have been mailed. Hooray!

Theen, I'm participating in this.

And I was so excited that I got in because this is my very first swap and then when I got the name of my partner I totally froze! Really, I did! I had been to my partner's blog before OYT 04 (Open Yours Too 04) and I loved her work, let's face it, she's a total crafting pro (literally, she has a little online shop and you can also find her amazing designs here.) So I started stressing out because I thought I was going to get a partner like me... you know, someone looking to build a non-existent stash of materials and supplies. But, oh boy, this girl makes such beautiful things that I'm sure she's got everything she needs and then some. I did the best I could and I really hope she enjoys her package (I'll post pics of what I sent once I know she's got it.)

Theeen, my friend Rachel came to visit from Chicago for the weekend and I had soooo much fun!!! It had been a year since I last saw he
r and now I'm going to see her again at the end of this week because we're going with Alex to Chicago. She's Tino's godmother too. She hates to get her picture taken, so I knew that this was the best I was ever going to get (she'll probably kill me for posting it). Do you want to hear a funny story about Rachel? Apparently she's a dead ringer for Alex's ex-girlfriend. Once, when Rachel and I had just become friends, Alex showed a picture of the two of us together to his mom, and his mom scolded him because she thought he had been messing around in photoshop putting together a silly picture of the ex and me. And the funniest one (and my favorite), Rachel was the maid of honor at my wedding in Guatemala, and a lot of the guests were freaking out thinking it was the ex.

And that's it. That's what it was like for the past 10 days.

I forgive you for not blogging, but only because every time I checked your blog in the last two weeks I had to smile at the picture of you with your engagement ring.
Oh, MERY! I just got my package and I can't believe it. It is so amazing; I couldn't believe my eyes. You are too generous. Those fabrics--I had ben looking at them forever and couldn't bring myself to buy them yet, but they were on my list; the bag is so cute and I will use it all the time--the handkerchief you printed, the notebook, the buttons, the ribbon--too kind. Thank you a million times, and thank you for your too-kind words here, too. Thank you, thank you. I also struggled with the "well, what should I send" feeling, because I didn't want to send you something you would hate or something you already had, but if you don't mind, I would like to send you another package to thank you for this one. I've never had a randomly arranged trade work out so well; your presents were exactly what I would choose for myself. I am just bowled over and I can't thank you enough. THANK YOU!
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