Monday, May 08, 2006

this, that and the other

This past weekend Tino, Alex and I went to South Bend to meet this cutie in person and to visit some friends.

I can't believe I'm going to say this but I actually had lots of fun in South Bend! I know I'm always bitching about the place but going back to visit I realized that we did meet some wonderful people there and built some very strong and awesome friendships. Here's a picture of Tino playing the piano at our friend's house. He loved it! And he wasn't banging on the keys all willy nilly, he was gently p
ressing the keys like he knew what he was doing, very cute.

The wonderful thing about long drives is that you get to do stuff in the car. If I were a faster knitter I would've probably finished the project but I got this much done.

I'm making this toy by Jess Hutch for a little girl whose birthday is on friday. I think my version needs some kind of bow to make it girlier...if only I knew how to knit bows. Maybe I should get some barrettes. Mmmm... I'll have to go to Target and see if I find something suitable. I shall report back soon.

Maybe this will help with your knitted bow conundrum:

Personally, I like the second one the best, but there's no pattern with it... but it looks very simple and I'm sure you can figure it out on your own. Hope that helps!
You could always knit some i-cord and sew it on in a bow shape. I don't know if that would get too bulky, though. Such a cute toy!
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